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Property Tax Appeals
in Cook County, Illinois

The Cook County Assessor’s Office is responsible for valuing the more than 1.3 million residential parcels in Cook County. The County is divided into three assessment districts, City, North, and South, and this includes 38 individual Townships. Each Township is reassessed and each individual parcel is given a new Assessed Value once every three years.

The Cook County Assessor uses a computer-assisted mass appraisal method to reassess each property. They utilize a computerized sales model and consider several factors including, sales of comparable properties, land, location, building square footage, and construction type. This method reviews all the sales within a neighborhood and estimates a market value by assigning values to the individual building characteristics of sold properties. This is a very general comparison model and is only specific to the individual neighborhood code, and land-use code.
The successful property tax appeal is a complex process that requires knowledge and expertise. If your property is over assessed, then you should be represented by a qualified attorney who will work hard to file a successful appeal. At Khatib Law, we only file property tax appeals in Cook County. In most cases, there are two ways to prevail in a property tax assessment appeal:
  • You must be able to prove that your property is assessed at an amount that is too high for the current market value; or
  • You must be able to prove that your property is assessed at an amount that is not uniform with the rest of the surrounding community.
At Khatib Law, our firm will do all that is necessary to research and provide sufficient evidence to support a winning property tax appeal.
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